Dec 28, 2012

2013 WishList so far...

Hope everyone is having great time at the end of year. 

Now I'm trying to think what I need for 2013 seriously. When I start thinking this, I always mess it up and never could have clear idea of what I need. So this time, I focus on next three months - January to March and thought about what I need or what I want. Big challenge and change for me 2013 is that I gonna start a new job. I know I'll be required to wear a bit more formal outfits than I do now (imagine I go to work with jeans, sweater and sneaker- which is really acceptable/normal) So I decided to see the situation to know how formal my outfit should be.

This below is that something I would like to keep in mind when I go shopping.

2013 wish list so far

2013 wish list so far by littleflowers featuring black ballet flats

Above : Professional Pieces
Below : Weekend Pieces

Professional pieces
1. Black Flats:
I'll walk a lot and no more car! My new black pumps seem comfortable, but always good-fitted flats can help me. I need black one since I decided my base color should be black to match my current professional pieces.

2. New Blouse or Shirt which are work appropriate (and if possible I can wear it weekend too!)
I do have shirts but I'm interested in more feminine pieces. And no more blue/strip (most of mine is just different widths of strip shirts).

3. Structured Bag 
I would like to have one like professional. Color is not something I haven't decided yet, but I'll attend some meetings where I'll be the youngest one. Need to look a bit more professional. I guess.

Weekend pieces
1. Gray Parka
This is on my list forever since I lost the last one. I've had several ones for last ten years and still love it.

2. New Sneaker
I've had two for years. I have two but one is getting older. I like converse, so I will add a new one if I find cute one.  

3. Gray/Black Jeans 
I would prefer to straight and dark one.They'll be useful when I like being comfortable and a bit stylish.

Let's see I can stick with this plan or not...

Hope everybody a Happy New Year! 


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