Dec 14, 2012

AT Perfect Leather Kitten Heel

I've been on the hunt for perfect black pumps for myself. A while ago, I tried Perfect Leather Kitten Heel from Ann Taylor, thinking these points below.

1. I wanted to avoid patent leather (at that time)
2. I would like lower heel

My typical size is 6.5 to 7, and it seems my feet are a bit wide. I did have hallux valgus problem ten years ago.

Heel height -2 1/2 in. Material -Leather Size -6.5 Color -Black

What I did like
The overall look was beautiful. You can see they are well made. The leather was smooth and not thin, which I like. The heel height was not too low not too high, good height for someone who are not used to be in heels for long time. The material is stiff.

What I didn't like
The toe shape. They are a part of perfect pumps, yet kitten heel do not have round toe but more pointy. This toe shape caused problems to my toe- pinching like crazy as soon as I put them on. Maybe too small? As I mentioned the material is stiff, which I usually like, but not when they don't fit me well. It'll take a while to break in. I was not sure about the toe shape after breaking in. It is possible they mold weird shape caused by my ill-fitted toe.

My decision
Return. Even though I loved the idea of this shoe, but I didn't think I can wait until the leather would be soften and my toe wouldn't be pinched. I would not have loved that toe shape.


  1. I have a really hard time with pointed toes too and it always makes me kind of sad because I think it's really beautiful and I've heard that pointed toes make legs look longer. I agree with your verdict. I would return them too because comfort is very important to me in footwear.

    1. Thanks for your comment SPG! I didn't realized I have difficult foot (I guess Japanese foot?) Every time I saw someone in pointed shoe, I was thinking I would get someday- now it seems a bit far ><