Dec 10, 2012

What is the 'professional' wardrobe?

My professional Goal

Nowadays I haven't posted so much. The reasons are
1) I haven't really been motivated to wear any outfit which is suitable to post
2) I've brought a lot but most of clothes are just simple basic ones like above for a new job starting next year

I cannot believe that I had only one white dress shirt and ruined it just before the interview... (and found out after the interview) so since then I've been looking for white shirts, tried so many... Banana Republic (my review one here -that was before the interview though- and also tried fitted sateen shirt white 00P -too tight- and 0P -a bit too tight around chest but fine with torso I could not find 2P), Ann Taylor (my short review here), GAP, and H&M (debating now 4 or 6).

My black pumps turned out to be so painful ones like I cried after two hours of standing and walking (but who imagined it would happen to me?) I'm now trying so many pumps from AT perfect patent pumps (do you need my review post??) to all the findings in my local DSW with $10 off coupon.

I'm in desperate need of new sweater since I have only four of them and one cardigan now...I threw them away without thinking anything but every time I bought some, I always found something I don't like in them.
After repeatedly looking for them intensively and getting tired of looking so much, I still have not found any of them.

I feel like I need 'professional' wardrobe not knowing what it is. My current job doesn't require any 'professional' look other than a few conference I attend once or twice a year. I guess I cannot show up with my red pumps and blue striped shirt (or stained white shirt) on the very first day of my new job... I guess I need to have at least one of them -black pumps or white shirts- for my first day.


  1. Here's a question. Do you really *need* a white shirt? Is it required? If not, I don't think you really need to buy one. My one advice to you is to try and not rush your purchases. Inevitably, you end up buying things you dont really love. I made that mistake, trying to fill my closet with "professional" pieces without actually thinking about how it fit into my vision of my ideal professional wardrobe. If you really need stuff, try to keep it minimal, starting with versatile pieces, and slowly add to with pieces that you truly love. I know you don't really have a vision of what you want your professional wardrobe to look like just yet, but that's just all the more reason to try and not rush it. As for the pumps, I'm still looking for the perfect pumps after years of trying. I love my LAUREN by Ralph Lauren pumps, but they are a smidge too high for everyday and I have very difficult to fit feet. I don't really have any advice there except to try and keep the heel height practical! GL with it!

    1. Thanks for your comment Cher! Really great advice for me. After reading your comment and thinking about it a lot, I don't think I need a white shirt now. My other shirts - my blue or black striped shirt- could serve me well for a while. My job environment is going to be dramatically changed, so I'm very nervous and trying to look like professional so that I look like prepared. I'm still young in my field and one of few females, which also confuses me in terms of how to dress. I should take some time off buying 'maybe my professional look?' and think about what I want my wardrobe to look like when I start working actually in that job - I hope at that time I have more clear idea of it. I guess I won't rush any more filling my wardrobe. Regarding black pumps it seems I have to be so patient. My feet seem a bit difficult to fit into any kind of pumps so I'll keep trying. Thanks for your great advice. I really appriciate it Cher!