Jan 10, 2013

New Boots

Some of the last purchase of last year turned into simple my first OOTD post!!

I was looking for much more sleek boots but when I saw that boots online I like the idea 'they are real leather' but so cheap for real leather. I wanted black but no review. But target has brown version, which has pretty good reviews. It was still on black friday sale going on so I just ordered. It turned out that it took 4 weeks for me to get them. they looked like what I imagined, They fit me really well when I tucked my jeans in. I was planning to return though- I was planning to buy more sleek boots! But every time I had them on, I felt happy. They are really comfortable. One day I just decided to keep them and I do wear them every other day now (my rule- I don't wear same shoes 2 days in a row) I paid around $70, which is expensive for target but I think pretty good price for real leather.

Jan 6, 2013

My 2013 Resolution

I had never ever imagined how much I would like my current job when I was in grad school. I liked what I was doing in school, that's the reason I went to grad school, but I thought that was it. By the time I finished my education, I started thinking how I could keep doing what I did at that time. That's the reason I came to US. That gave me the opportunity to think about what I really like in what I do. Long story short, now I wanna become better at my job.

My 2013 is going to be a full of changes including moving and changing the job. My resolutions are:

1. get used to new job - I am really excited for this part as well as scared.

2. get used to dress up for work appropriate - I am a jeans & sneaker girl. For sure I cannot really show up at work like that any more. I probably have to wear more make up too. That is something I haven't done for a while too.

3. be fit - once I became a bit used to my work, I would like to start some exercise at least once a week. Now I do light exercise three times a week, but I would like more intense one once a week since I'll walk more than now.

4. organize well what I have - not only clothes but also everything. I do have moving soon so I think it is good chance. I hope including money situation.

Hope you had a happy holiday! Thanks for dropping by!

Dec 28, 2012

2013 WishList so far...

Hope everyone is having great time at the end of year. 

Now I'm trying to think what I need for 2013 seriously. When I start thinking this, I always mess it up and never could have clear idea of what I need. So this time, I focus on next three months - January to March and thought about what I need or what I want. Big challenge and change for me 2013 is that I gonna start a new job. I know I'll be required to wear a bit more formal outfits than I do now (imagine I go to work with jeans, sweater and sneaker- which is really acceptable/normal) So I decided to see the situation to know how formal my outfit should be.

This below is that something I would like to keep in mind when I go shopping.

2013 wish list so far

2013 wish list so far by littleflowers featuring black ballet flats

Above : Professional Pieces
Below : Weekend Pieces

Professional pieces
1. Black Flats:
I'll walk a lot and no more car! My new black pumps seem comfortable, but always good-fitted flats can help me. I need black one since I decided my base color should be black to match my current professional pieces.

2. New Blouse or Shirt which are work appropriate (and if possible I can wear it weekend too!)
I do have shirts but I'm interested in more feminine pieces. And no more blue/strip (most of mine is just different widths of strip shirts).

3. Structured Bag 
I would like to have one like professional. Color is not something I haven't decided yet, but I'll attend some meetings where I'll be the youngest one. Need to look a bit more professional. I guess.

Weekend pieces
1. Gray Parka
This is on my list forever since I lost the last one. I've had several ones for last ten years and still love it.

2. New Sneaker
I've had two for years. I have two but one is getting older. I like converse, so I will add a new one if I find cute one.  

3. Gray/Black Jeans 
I would prefer to straight and dark one.They'll be useful when I like being comfortable and a bit stylish.

Let's see I can stick with this plan or not...

Hope everybody a Happy New Year! 

Dec 24, 2012

Merry Chirstmas!

Happy Merry Christmas! 

I hope everybody having great time. I do not have specific plan due to so many reasons (if u include ones via skype, I do!), so I decided to share a bit of my recent finding with you.

I thought that Jcrew Eddie purse was classy and fun when I saw it on Extra Petite & Alteration Needed (I think I saw a lot more on other bloggers- I cannot find. Please let me know if you know). However I never bought it for two reason. The price was a bit more than I would like to spend for something I was not really sure which color suits me (too many colors at that time). and I was not sure that that did not have adjustable (but removable) strap.
I still think it is classy and fun.

 I was browsing at F21 for some necklace and found this bag.

The price is $19.80 and comes with Red, Blue, Teal and Camel. They are well made for that price in my opinion, a bit narrow than Eddie purse but as reviewers said, this is probably good option of Eddie purse if you do not want to spend so much. I actually bought Red and love it. There are three holes on the strap but I'm willing to punch more holes if needed. The bag with default length hits above my hip. 

H&M carries similar one (cannot find one online) and price is $14.95 I guess, but I couldn't find how to close (surprisingly?). I saw only red, that red is deep one- maybe more like a violet with bronze buckle.

Dec 14, 2012

AT Perfect Leather Kitten Heel

I've been on the hunt for perfect black pumps for myself. A while ago, I tried Perfect Leather Kitten Heel from Ann Taylor, thinking these points below.

1. I wanted to avoid patent leather (at that time)
2. I would like lower heel

My typical size is 6.5 to 7, and it seems my feet are a bit wide. I did have hallux valgus problem ten years ago.

Heel height -2 1/2 in. Material -Leather Size -6.5 Color -Black

What I did like
The overall look was beautiful. You can see they are well made. The leather was smooth and not thin, which I like. The heel height was not too low not too high, good height for someone who are not used to be in heels for long time. The material is stiff.

What I didn't like
The toe shape. They are a part of perfect pumps, yet kitten heel do not have round toe but more pointy. This toe shape caused problems to my toe- pinching like crazy as soon as I put them on. Maybe too small? As I mentioned the material is stiff, which I usually like, but not when they don't fit me well. It'll take a while to break in. I was not sure about the toe shape after breaking in. It is possible they mold weird shape caused by my ill-fitted toe.

My decision
Return. Even though I loved the idea of this shoe, but I didn't think I can wait until the leather would be soften and my toe wouldn't be pinched. I would not have loved that toe shape.

Dec 10, 2012

What is the 'professional' wardrobe?

My professional Goal

Nowadays I haven't posted so much. The reasons are
1) I haven't really been motivated to wear any outfit which is suitable to post
2) I've brought a lot but most of clothes are just simple basic ones like above for a new job starting next year

I cannot believe that I had only one white dress shirt and ruined it just before the interview... (and found out after the interview) so since then I've been looking for white shirts, tried so many... Banana Republic (my review one here -that was before the interview though- and also tried fitted sateen shirt white 00P -too tight- and 0P -a bit too tight around chest but fine with torso I could not find 2P), Ann Taylor (my short review here), GAP, and H&M (debating now 4 or 6).

My black pumps turned out to be so painful ones like I cried after two hours of standing and walking (but who imagined it would happen to me?) I'm now trying so many pumps from AT perfect patent pumps (do you need my review post??) to all the findings in my local DSW with $10 off coupon.

I'm in desperate need of new sweater since I have only four of them and one cardigan now...I threw them away without thinking anything but every time I bought some, I always found something I don't like in them.
After repeatedly looking for them intensively and getting tired of looking so much, I still have not found any of them.

I feel like I need 'professional' wardrobe not knowing what it is. My current job doesn't require any 'professional' look other than a few conference I attend once or twice a year. I guess I cannot show up with my red pumps and blue striped shirt (or stained white shirt) on the very first day of my new job... I guess I need to have at least one of them -black pumps or white shirts- for my first day.

Nov 28, 2012

Green Pants

After Yellow, Red, now Green!

J.crew Downtown Field Jacket, Banana Republic Sweater, Loft Pants (Teal night), Black Booties

That outfit is more like typical me, easy going outfit. More dark colors. Even though I'm getting used to colorful pants, this dark green still makes me a bit relieved.